Ernie goes to work in Singapore (Oct 2019)

Singapore 2 2019-32

Work and Play

I’ve gone abroad exactly seven times since Miles was born last September. Phnom Penh, Koh Samui, Melbourne, and Taipei were the holidays we took together as a family. The other three flights? All to Singapore, including my latest trip a few weeks ago at the end of October/beginning of November. I have many thoughts and feelings about Singapore, most of which I’ve already written about when recapping previous trips to the Lion City, so I won’t go through the tedious process of repeating myself (much).

The one big difference this time around, however, was the fact that I was in town for work, instead of the usual three Fs: FoodFamilyFriends. Behind this little corner of the Internet that I’ve staked out for myself over the years is a mid-career switch to financial journalism, when I decided I’d rather get paid for my writing than not. My coverage has mostly focused on the Hong Kong market since becoming a journalist, but a couple months ago my editor asked if I was interested in taking over the Southeast Asia beat instead. I gladly said yes, and a few weeks later I found myself in Singapore with a small suitcase, a list of interviewees, and a few free evenings to see some old friends.

I ended up walking a lot. It was very reminiscent of my first visit to Singapore, nearly 11 years ago. Back then I was really just starting out on my journey here in Asia – I hadn’t even decided to move to Hong Kong yet at that time, but I was definitely starting to dream about starting a life in this part of the world. Those were the days before I had any idea how to plan a trip on my own, before I ever had a smartphone in my pocket to consult on-the-go, and definitely before I knew my way around Singapore (admittedly it isn’t a whole lot even now). I walked everywhere I went without really knowing where I was, just eager to be in a new and unfamiliar place. Some of those places I’ve never been back to, even after eight subsequent trips to this city. Some places I add a new layer each time.


I didn’t bring my camera so I snapped away on my Samsung S10e and did some editing in Lightroom – pretty happy with how these shots turned out, I think.

Singapore 2 2019-1Singapore 2 2019-2Singapore 2 2019-3Singapore 2 2019-4Singapore 2 2019-5Singapore 2 2019-6Singapore 2 2019-7Singapore 2 2019-8Singapore 2 2019-21Singapore 2 2019-22Singapore 2 2019-23Singapore 2 2019-24Singapore 2 2019-27Singapore 2 2019-28Singapore 2 2019-9Singapore 2 2019-10Singapore 2 2019-11Singapore 2 2019-12Singapore 2 2019-13Singapore 2 2019-14Singapore 2 2019-15Singapore 2 2019-16Singapore 2 2019-17Singapore 2 2019-18Singapore 2 2019-19Singapore 2 2019-20Singapore 2 2019-30Singapore 2 2019-33Singapore 2 2019-34Singapore 2 2019-35


6 thoughts on “Ernie goes to work in Singapore (Oct 2019)

  1. Wow, your photos look absolutely amazing, especially the one with the temples. I’ve never been to Singapur, but over the years read quite a lot of blog posts and always wanted to see the colorful neighbourhood with iconic shophouses at Joo Chiat. Thanks for sharing and have a good day. Aiva


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