Ernie goes to Ho Chi Minh City (Nov 2013)


Captain Vietnam

This picture says it all.

On the evening of November 22nd, 2013, Ashley suggested grabbing dinner in Happy Valley to take a break from our last minute wedding planning. I went through all the trouble of looking up a restaurant and making a reservation, and Ashley’s just taking her sweet time. Then she insists on walking through Ventris Road, a smaller side street running parallel to Wong Nai Chung Road, under the pretense of wanting to check out a local bakery. I know which bakery she’s talking about, so I stick on the right-hand side of the road, but she inexplicably drags me across to the left-hand side, and I kind of don’t question her at all. Suddenly, five masked men dressed in all black everything jump out from behind a nondescript van, and the scales fall from my eyes. As they force a bag over my head and push me into the waiting vehicle, I register that Ashley isn’t even pretending to cry for help. A few hours later, I emerge onto the streets of Ho Chi Minh City with my five groomsmen for a weekend of good-natured challenges, amazing food, and blessed company.  What happens in Vietnam, stays in Vietnam, but there’s a video of the weekend floating around somewhere.  With the successful completion of all challenges thrown at me, I was finally ready to take that sweet plunge into marital bliss.

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